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Our underfloor heating can be installed with a large range of floor coverings to provide you with the ultimate comfort. As well as in-slab and in-screed floor, timber and tiled floors are suitable for underfloor heating. Underfloor hydronic heating provides all the benefits with the invisibility on concealed pipes providing and evenly distributed heat.

  • Tiemme COBRAPEX pipe with EVOH (ethylene vinyl alcohol) oxygen barrier is made of high-density polyethylene that is cross-linked by a chemical method [silane cross-linking] a procedure which produces a pipe with superior physical characteristics.
    • Available in 16mm rolls of length 120m, 300m & 600m
    • Available in 18mm rolls of length 120m, 200m
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  • The Tiemme distribution manifolds Art. 3873-3878 are a perfect solution for the heating and/or cooling systems installation. The distribution manifold is available with 1” manifolds with self-seal male/female threads and with 2÷12 ways 3/4”x 18 Euroconus connection. The units are supplied complete with ball valves and holder for thermometer, air purge valves and drain valves. The distribution manifolds may also be supplied with or without a by-pass device. The delivery flow may be set using a flow meter (Art. 3873) or using a mechanical balancing screw (Art. 3878). On the return manifold the manual thermostatic valves are supplied with a protection cap that may easily replace with the electrothermal actuator Art. 9567.   Brochure Download Link -> Download Brochure  
  • The Tiemme thermal drive can be used on the floor heating systems for the control of the thermostatic elements placed on distribution manifolds, or on the traditional heating systems (radiators) to control the thermostatic valves ( by replacing of the adapter see page 4 of the linked brochure). The valves operate by using a piston movement that is triggered by a synthetic wax placed into a capsule as temperature changes. The valves default position is closed and are of the on-off switch type.   Brochure Download Link -> Download Brochure    
  • The Tiemme metallic manifold boxes have an adjustable depth from 90mm to 140mm. The manifold holding set is dependent on the manifolds size. Brochure Download Link -> Download Brochure

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  • This mixing unit is suitable for any radiant heating system where low water temperature is required. Two ball valves with thermometers allow the supply and return water temperatures to be checked and verified. The Return line is supplied with a check valve to ensure that gravity water circulation does not occur when the pump is off. The mixing unit is also supplied with a safety contact thermostat (operation temperature 55°C) for the protection of the system. The mixing groups 5535GPF are supplied as standard either with a 3-speed pump or high efficiency pump.   Brochure Download Link -> Download Brochure Instruction Download Link -> Download Instructions    
  • The mixing unit can be used in radiant systems where the thermal generator available is a high temperature one. High temperature water is mixed with low temperature water supplied by the heating circuits. The temperature value of the thermal energy carrier fluid is kept constant by means of a thermostatically controlled kit (Art. 4500376) or temperature control kit (Art. 4500377). Moreover, the mixing unit can be equipped with a module with shut-off valves (Art. 4500082) including fittings for the kit with the high temperature circuit linear manifolds (Art. 4500378). The mixing unit can also be installed within a steel enclosure painted in white RAL9010 for indoor applications complete with a galvanised steel base and locking kit (Art. 1810132). The mixing unit is supplied with a high efficiency pump.   Brochure Download Link -> Download Brochure Instruction Download Link -> Download Instructions        
  • The thermostatic mixing valve is controlled by a reliable thermostatic wax cartridge designed specifically to maintain an accurate mixed water temperature at the outlet, balancing temperature changes and variations in flow rate caused by the user. The 4738 thermostatic mixer is normally used to set and limit the temperature distribution from the boiler to the domestic outlets. To guarantee best performance the minimum flow rate must be 6 LT/min. Brochure Download Link -> Download Brochure Instruction Download Link -> Download Instructions    
  • The grooved aluminium insulating radiant panel is designed for heating and cooling applications where traditional screed is not used.  It's grooved profile allows for quick installation times and accurate layout. This panel provides relief for pipe positioning (150mm spacing) and comes in both base and header panels (for looping runs). All panels come with rebates on the sides to ensure quick and correct connection to adjoining panels Its 28mm thickness provides excellent insulation.   Brochure Download Link -> Download Brochure      
  • The studed insulating panel is made of foam polystyrene coupled with hard black foil in polystyrene (comply s with EN 13163 standard). This panel provides relief for pipe positioning (step 50mm) and it is supplied with male/female fittings for strong connection. The hard foil gives it better resistance to wear and tear.   Brochure Download Link -> Download Brochure Instruction Download Link -> Download Instructions  
  • Tiemme Insulation sheet for screed application Insulating panels made of polystyrene in according to EN 13163 standard with fire fire reaction Euroclass E; insulation thickness 20,30,40,50 and 60 mm with compressive strength (at 10% deformation) of 200 kPa; barrier surface covering foil with printed grid for pipe positioning (pipe distance 50 mm) overlapping tissue foil. Coils supplied in 12sqm sheets. Video of Installation -> Underfloor Installation video
  • Elbow made of plastic material to protect and support the "COBRAPEX" pipe where connecting to the manifold.
  • Tiemme Pipe Connectors to suit Waterblock System. Thread sizes 1/2" / 3/4" & 1" to suit Pipe sizes 16-20-25mm Brochure Download Link -> Download Brochure
  • Tiemme Manifold Ball Valves with Thermometer. Suitable for domestic and commercial plumbing, industrial and agricultural applications, heating and sanitary systems, pneumatic systems, oils, generally with every non aggressive fluid. Available in Red & Blue handle / Right Angle or Straight configuration. Brochure Download Link -> Download Brochure