ThermaSkirt – Skirting board that heats your home

This unique patented system replaces your skirting board with a hydronic heating system that heats your home. Not only is it stylish it’s also discrete, it replaces your existing skirting so not taking up any additional wall space. ThermaSkirt is sized and easily installed by trained professionals or can be purchased as a DIY kit with instructions. ThermaSkirt can be installed on timber or slab based house, a real bonus of this system is that ALL the heat from the ThermaSkirt goes straight into the room and not into the subfloor, speeding up response times

It can be combined in a hydronic heating solution with other forms of hydronic heating e.g. heated towel rails to provide a complete solution.

Benefits include;

  • Radiant Heat
  • Fast and responsive
  • Works with any floor finish
  • Energy efficient
  • Simple Installation
  • Discrete visibility