When the cold hits in winter, your first instinct is to turn up the heating, but that usually results in a huge power bill in the spring. Unfortunately for most Australians, it’s a choice between paying these power bills or feeling uncomfortably cold during the winter months. Hydronic heating is a solution that works well for many home owners.

What is hydronic heating?

Essentially, a hydronic system uses a water heater/boiler powered by natural gas, LPG, wood/pellet fired, electricity with the ability to use solar contributions. This is then channeled to an underfloor system (in screed/ in slab/under timber), radiators and towel warmers, ThermaSkirt (a unique heated skirting board system) or convectors. You can easily regulate how much heating you want in each room.

Hydronic Heating is Safe

Even though the heating is warm to touch, it is fully enclosed and the water is heated to well below boiling point, meaning that children and the elderly (and pets!) won’t burn themselves on the radiators. This type of radiant heat is the perfect way to heat your home in the cooler weather, keeping everyone warm and cosy.

You Won’t Hear a Sound

With a hydronic heating system, there are no motors or compressors to make a noise in your home, so everyone can sleep soundly (and warm) all night long; babies, children and shift workers can sleep in peace. There is also no movement of air throughout your home, which can be annoying to many people.

This Technology is Cost Effective

Hydronic heating is much more economical than using other forms of radiant heating or even reverse cycle air-conditioning. One of the big reasons for its efficiency is that water conducts heat better than air, so less energy is needed to heat the water and warm your home. You can also regulate and zone your heating allowing areas/rooms to be turned off when not in use.

Hydronic Heating Looks Good

With an extensive range of heating options and styles available, you can easily find a system that fits seamlessly into your home’s décor. Do you want a minimal design that blends into the background, a period design to match your home’s style or even a cutting-edge design to highlight your home’s modern features? Whatever style you require, you will find one that suits your needs in our extensive range of hydronic heating systems.

It’s Better for the Environment

Hydronic heating systems use less power to heat the water that flows through your radiators, so they are much more efficient at heating your home than other traditionally used systems. These power saving benefits mean that hydronic heating is friendly to the environment and helps to significantly reduce your carbon footprint.

Hydronic Heating is Healthy

Unlike traditional heating systems that heat the air, hydronic heating does not affect the movement of air throughout your home. This is perfect for people who suffer from allergies, because dust mites, animal fur and pollens are not blown along the air currents, creating an unhealthy and potentially unsafe environment. A hydronic heating system is the first choice for families with young children and anyone who suffers from allergies.

Hydronic systems are extremely versatile and can be customised to suit your family’s exact needs. The air is not too dry and not too humid and along with its efficiency and power saving features is an ideal heating system for families who feel the cold during the winter months.

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