The Ambient Air is Australia’s only locally designed and Manufactured Variable Speed Heat Pump specifically designed for Hydronic Heating.. This highly efficient heat pump comes with peace of mind that it is backed by a local manufacturer and distributor so all inquiries are handled quickly and effectively.

The key feature of this heat pump are;

Ambient Heat Pump

    • 5KW input with up to 23KW output dependent on ambient outside temperature
    • Designed for Heating & Cooling (cooling to be released mid 2016)
    • 21amp maximum draw with a 32amp single phase electrical supply
    • Air sourced heat pump use DC scroll inverted compressor for optimal energy consumption defrost control and low noise out put
    • Air sourced heat pump also use EC variable speed fans and state of the art Carel electronics with electronic expansion valve which are pre-commissioned and ready to install
    • System includes fill valve expansion tank, circulation pump and auto air bleed with 25mm threaded flow return fittings
    • Optional extras – Buffer tank/domestic hot water/domestic hot water tanks

See further details on our website under Products – Heat Pumps contact us at or 03 9708 2600 and we will be happy to discuss further.