ThermaSkirt – Skirting board that heats your home

ThermaSkirt Install

ThermaSkirt is a unique patented system that provides radiant heat to your room,  while looking like and only taking up the space of skirting.

ThermaSkirt can be easily combined with other forms of hydronic heating e.g. heated towel rails to provide a complete and flexible heating solution.

As well as being a very discrete form of heating it has many other benefits including;

  • Comfort and luxurious feeling of Radiant Heat
  • None of the allergy causing dust being blown into your room that is associated with ducted heating
  • Fast and responsive
  • Works with any floor finish
  • Energy efficient
  • Simple Installation – by our installers or as part of a DIY solution

Contact our sales department on 03 9708 2600 or to discuss how ThermaSkirt can provide a luxurious warmth to your home.