The Energy Saving S-Control RADIK RC radiator range with controlled flow function is fitted with altered built-in distribution tappings linking the front and rear panel. The flow of heating water is controlled by a distribution valve located in the bottom part of the radiator flank wall on the side with a thermostatic valve. Measurements of RADIK RC confirmed that by means of switching the flow into the front panel only, the decrease in the radiator output will not be equal to a one-half, however to about 73%. Because of the possibility to control the flow via the distribution valve, the radiator
RADIK RC acquired two power limits, 100% and 73%. The radiator output up to the limit 73% covers approximately 87% of the heating season length. Based on long-term statistical data of outside temperatures, we need the nominal heat output of the radiator for three to five weeks a year only. Of course during this period it is necessary to maintain a temperature comfort, and also thus RADIK RC also enables to cover these conditions. However, a conventional radiator seems to be over-dimensioned for the majority of the heating season with all negative
impacts on the energy consumption.

The RADIK RC are a group of energy saving panel radiators that allow for controlled water flowThis results in lower energy consumption and produces demonstrable savings.  

This range of radiators includes the Radik RC VKU, Radik RC PLAN VKU & Radik RC PLAN VKL are available with a KLASIK corrugated or smooth PLAN front panel. These wall mounted radiator are available in a range of RAL colours. The Radik RC range allows for bottom connection to the heating system.

Product Details

 Feature  Options
 Type  20, 21, 22 & 33
 Height  From 300mm – 900mm
 Length  From 300mm to 3000mm
 kW Output  From 0.312kW to 7.218kW
 Colour  White RAL 9016 – see brochure for colour options


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Brochure Download Link -> radik-rc-2016