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Radox – Mega Burlani

The Mega Burlani utilises a concept of a tube within a tube for the heating elements. Available in both horizontal and vertical versions. The radiator is available with bottom centre or side top & bottom connections to the heating system.  This wall mounted radiator is available in Stainless Steel and a wide range of colours.

Product Details

 Feature  Options
 Type  Mega Burlani
 Height  800mm & 1800mm
 Width  287mm, 386mm & 485mm
 kW Output  0.649W – 2.349kW  (RAL) (0.812 – 2.937)
 kW Output  0.481kW – 1.740kW  (Stainless Steel) (0.601 – 2.175)
 Colour  Stainless Steel and a range of RAL colours (White 9016 as Standard, see brochure for  other colour  options)


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