The RADIK VK/VKL/VKU are a range of radiators that are available with a KLASIK corrugated or smooth PLAN front panel.

The VK allows bottom right connection to the heating system.

The VKL allows bottom left connection to the heating system.

The VKU allows bottom left or right connection to the heating system.  No hangers are welded on the back of the VKU, so radiator types 20, 21, 22, and 33 can be turned around, the type 33 VKU does not have symmetrically placed connection with respect to the depth of the radiator. When placing the VKU radiator on the wall, it is necessary to use Spring Loaded Brackets.

Product Details

 Feature  Options
 Type  10, 11, 21, 22 & 33
 Height  From 200mm – 900mm
 Length  From 400mm to 3000mm
 KW Output  From 0.165kw to 7.218kw
 Colour  White RAL 9016 – see brochure for colour options


Radik VK -> Technical Details

Radik VKL -> Technical Details

Radik VKU -> Technical Details

Brochure Download Link -> korado-product-brochure-2016