The RADIK VKM8 are based on concept of the radiators in version VENTIL KOMPAKT. The radiators are equipped with inner distribution pipelines and inserted regulation valve. The original design of the inner distribution pipelines allows various connections of the radiators to the heating system. Primarily these radiators are designed for bottom middle connection. For the types 20, 21, 22 and 33 the distance between the bottom middle connection and the wall is always the same. However these radiators allow also bottom connections on the left or right sides. The pitch of the bottom connection is 50 mm.
RADIK VKM8 steel panel radiators are designed for central heating systems in buildings with the highest allowed working
pressure of 10 bar where water or water solutions are used as the heating medium. The highest allowed working temperature is 110 °C.
These radiators are designed for twin-pipe systems with forced circulation.
RADIK VKM8 is a model with classically designed front plate with vertical and horizontal canals.
RADIK PLAN VKM8 is a model with flat front panel.
RADIK LINE VKM8 is a model with flat front panel with horizontal grooves.

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