The Korabase convectors are the heat exchangers ( the heart of convectors) that are then built into the buildings interior. These convectors are designed to be built into existing spaces. It is suitable for individual installation, especially in places where compactness of interior is required in terms of materials used. If certain conditions are adhered to, the KORABASE heat exchangers can be covered with almost any material to integrate them unobtrusively into the space. The exchanger is made of copper pipes and aluminium lamellas.

Standard delivery contains

  • AI/Cu heat exchanger with low water content, air vent and uniquely shaped lamellas for a higher heat output.
  • Mounting instructions
  • The set is packed in strong PVC foil and protectors on edges

Product Details

 Feature  Options
 Type  KoraBase
 Height  50mm & 110mm
 Width  60mm, 120mm & 180mm
 Lenth  800mm to 3000mm  (at 200mm steps)
 kW Output  From 0.269kW to 4.015kW


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