The wall-mounted convectors KORAWALL are standard wall-mounted convectors with a long (previously branded Licon) history, used in households as well as in commercial premises. The modern design, easy mounting and economical operation are the reasons why they are so popular with our customers. With regard to the unique design of the heat exchanger used they achieve higher outputs even with small dimensions of the element. The great advantage of the wall-mounted convectors KORAWALL is their very low surface temperature of 40 °C and no heat dissipation into the wall. Designed to tale up limited wall space the quick heat up time is a key feature of these convectors.  Available in a range of RAL colours and  finishes.

Product Details

 Feature  Options
 Type  Korawall
 Depth  60mm & 120mm
 Height  450mm & 600mm
 Lenth  400mm to 2000mm (at 200mm steps)
 kW Output  From 0.266kW to 2.598kW
 Colour  Available in a range of RAL colours and finishes


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