WALL-MOUNTED CONVECTORS with forced convection and optimized convection.

Developed for low temperature heating systems, high efficiency guaranteed also at very low temperature gradients, e.g. 35/30 °C. Ideal everywhere where the heat source is a heat pump, a solar system, a condensation boiler or as a supplementary source of heat for floor heating, particularly during a transitional period or when an instant temperature increase in the room is required. At the same time suitable for rooms’ dry-cooling during the summer months. All of this with the benefits of the Optimized Convection system – low noise and low fan input while maintaining maximally attainable performances. Univeral use – heating and dry-cooling! Available in a range of colours. These convectors come with bottom side connections to the heating system.

Product Details

 Feature  Options
 Type  KoraWall WI
 Depth  106mm
 Height  450mm
 Lenth  750mm to 2000mm (at 250mm steps)
 kW Output  0.270kW to 6.002kW
 Colour  Available in a range of RAL colours


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