The KoraSpace convectors are a range of convectors built into the facade. These convectors are designed to minimise space required. The facade convectors KORASPACE by their direct location on the facade prevent penetration of the cold air into the interior space. The warm air rising from the convectors mixes with the cold air and creates a thermal screen which provides greater thermal comfort of the indoor space and prevents condensation forming on the glass surface.

  • design freedom
  • high-perfomance Al/Cu heat exchangers
  • excellent controllability and fast heating start-up
  • without heat transfer to the external facade
  • additional space for placement of other through-running distribution

Product Details

 Feature  Options
 Type  KoraSpace
 Height  56mm
 Width  120mm, 150mm & 180mm
 Lenth   800mm to 3000mm  (at 200mm steps)
 kW Output  From 0.154kW to 1.369kW
 Colour  Available in a range of RAL colours


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