Designed for areas with higher heat losses. Choose KORAFLEX floor convectors with forced convection and optimized convection in places where the efficiency must be increased while preserving the state of the art design. These convectors are designed for floor installation. Available in a range of colours and grill finishes.

• wide use possibilities

• convectors increased heat efficiency

• cooling possibility

• very quiet operation

• energy saving fans with electric engine and minimal input

Product Details

 Feature  Options
 Type  KoraFlex FV
 Depth  80mm, 90mm, & 110mm
 Width  160mm, 200mm, 280mm, 340mm & 420mm
 Lenth  800mm up to 2800mm (at 200 mm steps)
 kW Output  0.201kW to 8.593kW
 Colour  Floor Grills (see brochure for details)


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