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Solar Hydronics utilises the benefits and cost savings of energy provided by the sun to contribute to your heating and hot water systems. This not only allows you to reduce your energy bills but slash your green house emissions reducing your environmental impact.

Australian Hydronic Supplies provides a solar hydronic heating solution to homes and businesses looking for the most efficient heating solution.

The One Heat system includes evacuated solar tubes, quality stainless steel solar tanks and high efficiency condensing boiler for heating boot (when required) and all the controllers and quickie connection kit to setup the complete solution. All components are watermarked and AGA approved for complete peace of mind.

Install a system that will provide continuous hot water without the pressure loss sustained with combination boilers, as well as meeting the requirements of a 6-star energy rating 


  • The 'One Heat' system combines the wonderful natural heat proved by Hydronic heating, coupled with the cost savings of 'Solar' input. The 'One Heat' is supplied with the highest quality WaterMarked & AGA Approved components, and is designed for a complete & easy installation. The 'One Heat' system will provide continuous hot water without the pressure loss issues sustained with 'combination' boilers, as well as meeting requirements of a 6 Star Energy rating.   Brochure Download Link -> Download Brochure  
  • Evacuated Tube configurations can be designed for most domestic and commercial situations. By providing greater service area compared to flat panels the heating efficiency is increased. Certified to Australian standard and  available in multiple configurations. Product Details
     Feature  Options
     Dimension e.g. 30 Tube setup  2550mm x 2040mm
     Dimension e.g. 20 Tube setup  1740mm x 2040mm
     Dimension 1 Tube  1800mm x 58mm x 2mm
     Manifold Housing  Aluminium 3mm
     Frame Material  304 Stainless Steel 1.5mm
     Insulation  Rock Wool
     Tube Type  3 Target
     Mounting Pitch  Pitched or Flat Roof
     Mounting Angle  15 to 50 Degress
     Inlet/Outlet  22mm
     Absorb Area  2.29m2