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More people are recognising the benefits of self-generated power and green energy from renewable sources. We provide high quality heat pumps known for their fantastic efficiency, which use minimal electricity and cutting edge hot water heat pump technology.

Air from the outdoors is supplied to the air source heat pump – installed either indoors or outdoors – via hoses and a low-noise fan. The latent energy from the air is extracted by a heat exchanger and is converted by the heat pump into useful heat for your home. Even in super cold conditions (as low as –20 °C)  the heat pump still operates economically and efficiently. High flow temperatures can also still be achieved without backup from a booster heater.

Our Ambient Variable Air Sourced Heat Pumps are the most versatile, intelligent and easy to install air to water heat pump on the market. Our Stievel Eltron systems come in a range of varieties to suit high-performing houses with a small heating load, underfloor heating in new properties, modernisation of commercial builds and more.

  • The Ambient Air is Australia's only locally designed and Manufactured Variable Speed Heat Pump specifically designed for Hydronic Heating. The key feature of this heat pump is it's fantastic efficiency. The air source heat pump absorbs heat from the surrounding air and transfers that heat into the water for your heating system. It uses minimal electricity, for every Kilowatt of input it can generate up to 4.6 Kilowatts of heat to be transferred to your heating system. Removing heat from the surrounding air makes this the most efficient water heating technology available.
    • 7KW input with up to 23KW output dependent on ambient outside temperature
    • Designed for Heating & Cooling (cooling to be released mid 2016)
    • 21amp maximum draw with a 32amp single phase electrical supply
    • Air sourced heat pump use DC scroll inverted compressor for optimal energy consumption defrost control and low noise out put
    • Air sourced heat pump also use EC variable speed fans and state of the art Carel electronics with electronic expansion valve which are pre-commissioned and ready to install
    • System includes fill valve expansion tank, circulation pump and auto air bleed with 25mm threaded flow return fittings
    • Optional extras – Buffer tank/domestic hot water/domestic hot water tanks
      Brochure Download Link -> Ambient Heat Pump Brochure
  • Rheem  - Australian manufactured heat pumps from a leading brand within the heating industry  
    • Specially designed and manufactured high efficiency hydronic hot water electric heat pumps
    • Hydronic heating units available in ground-sourced and water-to-water design
    • Rheems wealth of experience ensures that you are getting a water heating solution that is right for your needs and which meets your expectations.
    • Supported by a a nationwide network of experts and support staff
      Brochure Download Link ->   
  • Stiebel Eltron  - German Hydronic Heating expertise delivering heat pumps distinguished by excellent reliability, high quality and a long service life.
    • Heat Pump Packages - Perfectly matched components to ensure easy and efficient system setups
    • Upto 65⁰ C flow temperatures to provide hot water for radiator heating
    • Energy efficient inverter technology for high flow temperatures even on cold winter days
    • Low operating sound offering the quietest system in the market allowing installation in high density areas
    • Smart grid ready to connect to solar PV and energy management systems
      Brochure Download Link -> Hydronic Heating Heat Pump Brochure Brochure Download Link -> Domestic Hot Water Heat Pump Brochure Installer Package Download Link ->  Hydronic Heating Heat Brochure